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Rune Wizard Norse Gods

Rune - Wizard - Gods

As a Norse Rune Wizard, you need to have a good understanding of the functions and powers of the pantheon of Nordic-Germanic Gods and Goddesses.

Then you must get their energies inside your Aura so that you can project them into physical reality when you need them.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us everything is energy. You are energy. The Runes are energy, the Gods/Goddesses of the North are energy. Our whole Universe and physical reality is energy.

We are also told that our inner energy system of who and and what we are is connected to our outer physical reality by our Aura. What energies we carry in our Auras attracts people, places and events to us.

We all exist in two places at the same time. In the Quantum Ocean and in our physical reality (body.)

By thinking about, meditating upon and mentally being with the gods/goddesses you actually attract them out of the Quantum Ocean and into your Aura.

Take one of the Gods a day to work with. Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and look intently at the print of the particular god you wish to spend the day with. Breathe their energies into your Aura. Then take them mentally with you during the day. Talk to them. Ask them pertinent questions pertaining to their powers and functions. Once a day, REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION.

Here is a short description of powers and functions of the Gods and Goddesses that you can use.

Odin is the All Father. When he walks Midgard, he usually wears a blue cloak with wide brim hat and long hood. You can have him bring along his two wolves and ravens if you want.

You can ask Odin to help you on matters of wisdom, magic, solving problems and creating opportunities. He is also the "stirrer of Inspiration" which is perfect for writers, and artists.

Thor is the Powerful God of Thunder. He is a big powerful god with a red beard and brandishing a hammer. You can confer with Thor about the weather, storms, lightening, electricity, protection and health. He offers protection when you travel.

Tyr, lesser known that the first two mentioned, is non the less, an important God of Battle and Justice. He is a Viking warrior who carries a sword and a spear. He lost his right hand when the Fennris Wolf bit it off. Tyr will bring you justice and victory against your opponents. Invoke him for justice in all legal matters, for truth, victory and success.

Njord is the the God of Nature, coasts, and ships. He likes to be called Orkel (uncle). You can talk to him about prosperity, ships, fishing and travel.

Frey is another God of Nature and horses. He is a strong young man riding a golden boar. He is the the Male God for Love. He will help increase masculinity.

Heimdal is the guardian. He is dazzling and is called the "White God." He guards the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard. Talk to Heimdal to help you build your powers of observation and when crossing over bridges, fords and ferries. He will guard your home as well.

Ull is the Sky God and a master archer. His arrow never misses it's mark. Talk to him about hunting and winter travel.

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As a Rune Wizard, you have to have a intimate Relationship with the Norse Gods and their powers. You will need to be able to invoke and project the energies of any one of them any where you desire.. This is an energy and mental world. Not a physical one. Get to mentally know the energies of the Norse Gods.